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[Build Help] Fallout 4 GPU Upgrade - 970, 980, or 390X? Looking for 2560x1600 @ Max Settings

I'm having trouble deciding on a new (single) GPU for Fallout 4. I haven't been much info gaming for a while so my GPU is pretty out of date.
I'm running a HD5870 which is in no way adequate for running FO4 at anything close to max settings.
My display is a 30" WQXGA (2560x1600) and I'm targeting max settings at full resolution (or 1440p if I can't run it at WQXGA)
I was initially considering an R390X primarily due to the value and the fact that I can get it with 8GB vram. From what I understand with mods in the future the game could likely be pushed to use quite a bit of memory (though others have said that heavily modded skyrim is fine on 4gb). My concerns with 390X are
I was hoping to spend around $400 on a card, though I could spend more if I had a great reason to. I'm having a hard time justifying the 980 as it seems overpriced for what you're getting.
Will my CPU be a bottleneck with any of these cards?
Please help me decide. Ideally I'd like to purchase on Newegg so I can use bitcoin & shoprunner. Also need help with specific manufacturers/coolers that are best (especially with my relatively small case)--I've been out of the game for a while.
EDIT Thanks all! Ended up going with the MSI 390. Looking at 390 vs 970/980 instead of 390x vs 970/980 made it a pretty easy decision
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